Nobody from Nowhere (oxma) wrote,
Nobody from Nowhere

Stae of the State

So I have been "unemployed for one week"
I have re-done the resume
I have had phone interviews
I have more set up
I have talked to lots of people at MS about partnership opportunities
I have Courses headed for the Courseware library as we speak
Opportunities abound
I am mostly packed in the apartement, and am moving back to the house in Florida
I will start the drive of the y'allhaul and drive east until I am too tired, pull over into a truck stop, sleep until I wake and repeat until I am in Riverview.
I am hoping three to 4 dayas to go from one corner to the other.
I may spend time on the phone calling people to kill the time and set up things
much to be done so that there is a cash flow and more opportunities than i had last week.
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