Nobody from Nowhere (oxma) wrote,
Nobody from Nowhere

So Lets see an update shall we?

So where is out intrepid hero?
This week I am in the office in Denver.
I dont spend a lot of time out here, just a week or two a month is the plan.
The rest of the time will be on the road or working from home.

Well Mel and I are still roommates and have not killed each other yet.
In fact we are getting ready to move to a new place.
renting a house next to Framingham State College, 4 bed room with space
for a home office for me, a spot for a carving garage and even a forge.
Also space for her to do her massage stuff.

Faire stuff,
I went to KRF on opening weekend and bittersweet is the appropriate word.
so many that I remember are not there anymore
so many i remember that are still there.
it has changed and it is still the same.

other than that I am just getting along, day at a time type of thing.

once I have the address to the new place it will be available.

and because I will have a decent size place, the Yule Party is back on.
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