Nobody from Nowhere (oxma) wrote,
Nobody from Nowhere

wow this thing is still here

it has been ages and I just randomly clicked the link in my favorites and this is still here
and still working.

so mayve I will use it again, not sure who is here anymore but whatever.
life is veru odd at the moment, I have had a problem with my back for a couple of months and yesterday got injections to try and relieve the pain.
up to the point it flared up I had b een doing well on the pokemon diet, cut out most all carbs, was walking 5 to 10 kms per day, dropping weight like a madman. and then the pain, sciatica is not something that is at all forgiving. it cripples me, I can work as long as I am sitting on a heating pad, I can drive as the seat in the car provides that same function. but beyond that movement is limited.
the shots do not seem to have really eliminated the pain, its not as bad but still there.
hopefully that will improve or it will be surgery next.
I find that I am missing things in my life, I live alone, which some would say is a glorious state of being. I miss people around me, I miss human contact, I miss just hearing someone else in the house somewhere. Johnny is good but he stays in his room for the most part and I only see him on bathroom trips and when he comes or goes.
maybe more later, I need to think
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